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Friday, December 7, 2007

Useful features combined pill

In addition to effective protection against unwanted pregnancy, this method has many positive vozdeystviyna health of women. Using combined pills, a woman may feel pain during menstruation decrease themselves menstruation may become less abundant and more short(lumineers dentists). Menstrual cycle in the application becomes a regular tablets, and on that this method is recommended for women with irregular menstrual cycle.

Inhibiting ovulation, prevent the development of oral contraceptives and ectopic pregnancy if the woman's ectopic pregnancy, the pill combination makes sense to take (ectopic pregnancy is the cause of death of large numbers of women). Admission combined oral contraceptives greatly reduces the risk of ovarian cancer and the disease, endometrial (uterine vystilki internal).

In addition, the use of this method preserves some of the factors causing pelvic inflammatory diseases bodies, as well as in the use of combined pills reduces the number of menstrual blood, which is a good breeding ground for breeding bacteria. Moreover pill, cervical sguschayut Mucus, and microorganism easy to overcome such barriers. It should be noted that the combined pills prevent some of the causes of infertility and increase the likelihood of pregnancy after the closure of receipt of drugs. Admission pills reduces the risk of the disease osteoporosis.