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Monday, March 24, 2008

Overweight may cause dementia

The team of scientists from New Zealand conducted a study, the results of which allow them to claim that there is a relationship between weight and disease such as senile dementia. Moreover, the risk of acquiring the disease against the backdrop of excessive body weight increases by 35%. According to the, results of the work scientists are fair to both women and men.
Along with this, as claimed by the researchers, the risk of developing senile dementia is directly related to the degree of development of obesity, the more weight rights(phentermine ingredient) - the greater the chance it be feeble-minded.

You can add that excessive weight men's risk of the disease by 74%, while the probability of the development of dementia among women increased by the full 200%. Is this not another excuse for what would revise its way of life in a healthy direction?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vitamin C and colds on their pages reported on the first truly scientific work, which had evaluated all the major studies of large doses of ascorbic acid (less than 200 mg)(bextra recall, mobic dosage) in the cold. The authors of this paper, which covered 55 studies over 65 years with the participation of about 45 thousand people were Australian Robert Douglas and Finn Harri Hemilaa. His study are published in the popular magazine "Public Library of Science Medicine".
All dealt with the work of researchers have been divided into three groups (norco canada, 100mg viagra
). The first group included studies that explored only prophylactic effect of large doses of ascorbic acid.

The second group examined the question of whether prevention helps vitamin C in the event that the disease does arrived. In the third group of works studied the use of ascorbic acid (allergic reaction to codeine, drug interaction zoloft
) to treat prostudnyh diseases.

Results of this study show that normal people living normal lives, not vitamin C prevents colds. As a result, 23 large studies, which involved more than 10 thousand people, it turned out that the use of huge doses of ascorbic acid (acetaminophen codeine and caffeine, brochure levitra
) did not affect the reduction in the frequency prostudnyh diseases.

The positive impact of vitamin C provides only for the people who are extreme way of life. Experiencing serious physical overload or hypothermia marathoners, skiers and soldiers quartered in the subarctic zone, "sitting" on the ascorbic acid responded colds twice rarer.

Ever need a reservation that the data were obtained only as a result of three such studies covering a total of only 642 rights. According to modern scientific requirements for definitive conclusions. require many more studies. For example, it is possible that in the above example (lortab withdrawal, diflucan online
), a positive result could have been due to other causes, including immune trained and good people, and has no connection with the use of vitamin C.
Ascorbic acid has demonstrated its effectiveness increased slightly more of those who fell ill on the background of the common cold prevention large doses. For example, the duration of the disease in children has declined to 13.6% at, and in adults - to 8%. If these data with language percent translate into more understandable language most people days of illness, it will turn out that the children about healthy fast for a day and adults - for a half-day. So, in this case, a joke that cold, if it treated, continues all week, but if not - seven days, includes a hefty share of the truth.

Of all of the above, it can be concluded that the use of vitamin C as a pure drugs nor reduces the duration of colds or facilitates its course. Applying even large doses of ascorbic acid (8-10 g) at the earliest periods of illness does not provide meaningful assistance.